What's happening

IN fox lab?

The Fox Lab has PAUSED in lab data collection while we wait for it to be safe to resume in person studies in light of COVID-19. However, that doesn't mean that we aren't doing research! We are currently collecting data ONLINE and we're in the process of launching several studies:


Alongside the Lab For Scalable Mental Health, Projects SAVE and COPE aim to test brief (single-session!) interventions to boost coping and resilience in adolescents experiencing nonsuicidal self-injury, suicidal thoughts/behaviors, and depression. Data collection began August 2020. 

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The purpose of Teen Experiences in Therapy is to better understand teen experiences disclosing thoughts of suicide and/or engagement in suicidal/self-harming behaviors. We are particularly interested in looking at teen perceptions of therapist responses to these disclosures , and how this may impact teens’ willingness to share similar thoughts and behaviors with therapists and other mental health professionals in the future. 

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The mental health risks of COVID-19 quarantine may be particularly difficult for LGBTQ+ young adults. Given gaps in the current COVID-19 mental health literature emphasizing LGBTQ+ populations, Project SIPS will examine the impact of COVID-19 stressors + social isolation on LGBTQ+ young adults.  Data collection concluded July 2020. 

There is accumulating evidence that quantity, quality, and receipt of psychological care is generally worse and less accessible to Black Americans relative to white Americans. Funded by IRISE and in collaboration with the Lloyd Social Detection Lab, this project examines racial inequity in high-risk psychiatric care recommendations. 


To our newest lab members: Alex Rubin, Journey Simmons, and Allison Bair! We are excited to see Fox Lab grow and can't wait to work together this fall!


Fox Lab recently took a socially-distanced h​ike to stay connected this summer. Only a brief mask break to capture the moment! 


  • Annie + Sierra both earned Summer Research Grants through DU! 

  • Saskia earned the Bernard Spilka Undergraduate Scholarship! 

  • Annie earned the Outstanding Academic Achievement and the Undergraduate Outstanding Research Awards

  • Annie was accepted to DU's psychology master's program! She will be completing her master's thesis with research done in Fox Lab. 

  • Sierra and Annie were awarded the Partners in Scholarship (PinS) grant through DU! 


Check out the lab members page to meet the team, and check back for more updates.